Government Benefits Service Bureau

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February 8,2015

GBSB is actively setting up Federal Lifeline Enrollment Centers in the following states: Arkansas, Maryland, Oklahoma and Rhode Island. The federal lifeline program is a reduced cost/free communication benefit available to Americans who are on government programs such as SNAP/EBT/Food Stamps, Medicaid, SSI etc. There are over 55,000,000 people who qualify for these benefits. GBSB works with merchants who service these communities to not only help qualifying customers enroll, but to recruit Facilitators (Independent Enrollment Specialists) and get compensated for helping make their communities stronger.

There is no cost, inventory requirements or hassle associated with this program. If you are a merchant and you think your store or place of business could be a good GBSB Enrollment Center, please fill out the application found below:

Including house number and street name
1.Do you currently or have you ever offered any lifeline services?

2.Does your business accept EBT/SNAP?

3. At your store, do you have:

4.Have you ever been involved in enrolling customers in government programs?